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Don’t Do That Bro (Anonymous Questions, Pointed Solutions)

Don’t Do That Bro (DDTB) was born out of a need to get solid advice to a segment of society who rarely asks for it, MEN!

The goal of Don’t Do That Bro is to talk through issues, pitfalls, and common errors that plague our gender. DDTB is not a space for a battle of the sexes to take place or even a climate to bash the fairer sex. Rather, the hope is to build up men through the giving of wise counsel (and through a few jokes here and there).

DDTB in its current state is a blog style advice column and podcast, hosted on the site http://forthdistrict.com/
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How DDTB Works

DDTB obtains submissions either via email (ddtb@Forthdistrict.com), twitter (@DontDoThatBro), DM or however someone chooses to send it. Once we receive a letter, email, etc. DDTB bro will respond via blog entry on Forth District or on our weekly radio segment. Although DDTB will tackle tough questions, there will be no shortness of comic relief. Depending on what you submit, you may get roasted but it will be out of love, genuine concern (most of the time), and remain totally anonymous. While addressing pop culture, answering your questions, and using current events for material, DDTB will deliver fresh perspectives and practical advice from the male point of view.

Scenarios and dumbfounding issues such as why guys who make millions of dollars a year consistently get DUI’s (pay a driver), shoot themselves in the leg (while sneaking a gun into a club), or spend $50,000 (in one night) at a strip club will get surveyed. Fellas let’s face it, although in some instances poor decisions can be comical, some of the decisions we make can have catastrophic and long lasting consequences. Thus the need for a conversation that might end in, “Hey man, Don’t Do That Bro.”

Simply put, Don’t Do That Bro is an advice column for men. As our tag line suggests, it’s an opportunity for men to submit anonymous questions and in return get very simple yet pointed answers. Of course it will be full of wisdom as well as witty commentary but we want to create a safe space for guys to ask questions, to hear the answers, and to feel as if their real issues are answered in a real way.
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Submission Format:

Dear Bro,

I am a 25 year old who is considering marrying a woman who is 45 with three kids. Her oldest son is on my softball team. I really love her but I don’t get along with her oldest. I’m faster than he is and he tried to fight me after our game last week. I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman but her son choked me out while I was sleep once and I’m scared of him. He lives in the basement and I want to put him out. What should I do?


Out of Breath.

How to contact DDTB

DDTB can be reached via twitter @DontDoThatBro or #ddtbro or send us an email at ddtb@Forthdistrict.com

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On This Episode of DDTB host Jon Parker sits down with Debaron Hughes (@dj4_12) and talks about when to be honest in your dating relationships, especially when it comes to past relationships.

For example: When do you tell your new girl that you had been engaged before? Do you tell her ever?

The conversation broadens about full disclosure in relationships and when it’s a good idea and when it’s a bad idea.


6/9/15 Podcast

On This Episode of DDTB host Jon Parker talks about Dwyane Wade and his painted nails…The question arises whether or not he should change his name. The conversation shifts as JP breaks down life after a baby and how he is seeking to plan his financial future. JP digs into the mistakes he has made financially in the past and talks about the things he wished someone had told him.


5/27/15 Blog Post

Dear Bro,
At what point should I reveal to a girl I’d like to pursue that I’ve been engaged? Immediately, or wait it out a little?

Friend Zone


4/28/15 Podcast

On This Episode of DDTB host Jon Parker brings in some close friends Daniel McClendon, David Perdue, and Dan Duncan to talk about the #Top5 “Don’t Do That Bros” of recent history.

A Classic “Don’t Do That Bro” is when a guy has no real friends to pull him aside and say, “What you are about to do is a really bad idea”…i.e. every Robin Thicke music video he released last year or Nelly having meth on his tour bus…


3/30/15 Blog Post

Dear Bro,
I am a 24 year old male, who is wanting to marry someone who “may” just be the love of my life. However I am very unsure if I am actually “in love” with this person and I guess it might help to know that I’ve known her for 2+ years now. Am I just numb to my emotions? How do I know if I’m in love with her or not.

Will Love Ever Know Me


3/24/15 Podcast

A few weeks ago, the leader of the Don’t Do That Bro movement, Jon Parker, initiated a conversation about “man on man massage” and how it left him very uncomfortable. This resulted in an overwhelming response from our audience. Thus, DDTB has decided to further discuss the “man on man massage” as well as delving deeper into the question of man on man touching. How close is to close? When is it cool to hold hands and slap butts? When is it not? All questions that must be answered.


3/17/15 Blog Post

Dear Bro,
I am a 20 year old who is considering leaving home. I’ve lived with my parents for a while now, and as you can imagine, it’s time for me to leave. The money to move isn’t available right now, but, I’m working towards raising the money to ultimately leave, through working and other avenues. Do you have any advice on how to speed up this process? Thanks.

Tired, and ready to go.


3/12/15 Blog Post

Dear Bro,
Should I try to rekindle a relationship with my ex-wife? We hooked up on Valentine’s Day after watching 50 shades of grey? The reason why she is my ex-wife is because of adultery on her part. After a bitter divorce I hated her. But still miss my best friend. Or should I just call that a failed marriage because she is not capable of being faithful?



3/10/15 Blog Post

Man on Man Massage

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